About Component Capital

Component Capital Group was born of the 2003 partnership of FLF Real Estate Ventures, a company co-founded by Jeremy and Caleb Fernandes.

A core expertise of Component is the investment in the ongoing development of established urban neighborhoods. Key urban and first-tier suburban real estate assets thrive when properly capitalized. There are many reasons this strategy continues to be successful in enhancing commercial asset value when executed with the unique talents of Component partners.

The Component Strategy

Growing immigrant populations create vibrant, diverse communities, and this density provides a strong base for urban commerce. Redevelopment of existing assets in these areas is bolstered by the difficulties that potentially competitive new developments face in securing sites for new construction. Higher costs associated with transportation to outlying communities provide unique opportunities for urban business, and emerging mass transit infrastructure increases access and provides foot traffic that adds value to these existing assets.

These are a few ways in which Component determines potential value in critical urban development opportunities. For more information on current opportunities and to learn more about Component, visit the contact page.